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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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punching for no reason. >> instinctively, i threw down the food i was carrying. i saw these guys printing. >> it was not to a faraway. >> as he raced down the street, he caught one suspect by the collar. >> i dragged him down the sidewalk. >> police arrived in the nets. word of the decision was met with gratitude by neighbors. >> he did a wonderful job. >> it was described by residents as being like a linebacker. >> anything like that? >> and what about chasing down a suspect? >> what do you think the president would say to you? >> president would probably say i was pretty stupid.
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>>you can see this good samaritan has a sense of humor. as for the suspect 16 years old, in custody. >> ok. thank you. we have more breaking news coming in. the police department has suspended two officers. law enforcement is saying the two african-american officers made us both a video called " driving while black the police chief calls the concept unbecoming and will hold a press conference at 6:30 to discuss the decisions. >> 3 people including a child had minor injuries after a minor collision with the montgomery county school bus. it happened on rte. 97 near rolling hills drive near the howard county line. a man died after falling more
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than 10 feet from a tree. it happened just before 1:30 this morning -- this afternoon on randolph road near wieden. demand was a contract worker -- the man was >> former cia director david petraeus was in the hot seat. he was not answering questions of bows the sex scandal that ended his career. instead he discussed the incident in benghazi, libya. >> this hearing was not only about what happened, but also why these stories seem to change. petraeus testified that the cia knew right away it was a terror attack but five days after the attack the administration was talking about protests. there were also questions due to his recent resignation -- recent
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resignation whether he would testify and when. the first couple of minutes were a tiny bit awkward today. >> basically his resignation had nothing to do with the benghazi issue. that is clarified. i do not think there's anything with respect to that issue. >> sometimes when the adrenaline is pumping, you realize that he is going through an awful lot. on the other hand, we have an obligation to find out what we could. >> why is the cia knew it was a terror attack right away, why did the administration felt talking points not reflected that? david petraeus said it was intentionally withheld. and we will tell you why and why his testimony potentially end the controversy. we will have that for you at 6:00. >> all right. thank you. two oil workers and in critical
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condition after an oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. 11 people were taken to the hospital. according to the u.s. coast guard, there was a fuel spill in the water. no word on what caused the explosion. >> it looks like a clear whether weekend, and more importantly the rain will stay away for the redskins home game against the eagles. doug hill has a check on the forecast. >> lots of sunshine during the day. we will get pretty chilly. let's look at a couple of scenes outside. we will show you the rooftop. clear skies. we will notice a drop pretty quickly over the next couple of our. in the district, we are at 51 degrees with a high of 54. 53 in fredericksburg. 49 degrees in the nation's capitol. 52 in manassas. we will keep the clear skies.
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the wind will diminish a little bit. then as we head overnights coming into the early-morning hours tomorrow, clear and crisp. outlying areas about 38 degrees. 30 degrees in the city. we will have changes to talk about in the weather and look straight ahead to thanksgiving coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right. you got it. two calls at the same house, but it was not until one person died until officials learned what was really going on at their. it was because of a carbon monoxide leak. now neighbors want to know why officials did not put two and two together. >> and man in his 70's not feeling well. he wins in in ambulance -- he wins in an ambulance to the hospital. then it was his wife's turn. later the same day, another
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ambulance crew went to the same street after neighbor found another resident of the home of dead in the house. and then yesterday, the same man and woman who got sick tuesday and wednesday were sick again. this time firefighters detected high levels of carbon monoxide and found a disconnected furnace in the house. neighbors wonder if it should have been caught sooner. >> it should not have taken them so long to catch the carbon monoxide. >> one more than one person in the home is sick, investigators tell us they do look for co. -- for c.o. >> they had no idea about the relationship to the carbon monoxide exposure. >> another twist to this strange series of events is this, is a block and a half from the home where in april 5 people died
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from carbon monoxide poisoning. the problem in that horrible incident was also a disconnected furnace event. >> the best and only way to detect carbon monoxide in your home is to purchase a detector. >> as for the elderly couple, they have been released from the hospital and are staying with a friend. abc7 news. >> a girl is staying with friends tonight after police say her parents abducted her. her mother was arrested. police say the little girl's parents took the girl from the home after social services ordered the child removed. >> at 8:00, when the office opened today -- we were woken up by a telephone call that there was an amber alert for the
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lexus. >> plan to petition the court on tuesday. >> get a flu shot and get a new -- or get a new job. that is the ultimatum. 220 workers were told they were required to be inoculated with the only exceptions being for health or religious reasons. workers to do not comply could be fired on monday. coming up, the jury has down the verdict in the murder trial. now your the 911 calls from that tragic night. >> plus, they were not lining up for thanksgiving turkey or an early black friday deal. this was for their health. >> plus, save by to ho-ho's. >> if you caught a catfish
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>> tragedy hits a small town in texas. a truck was struck by a train.
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we are laid in the satellite center with the latest on invested -- we are in the satellite center with the latest on the investigation. >> they are trying to figure out exactly what went on keeping it has been an unbelievably emotional day for the people of midland, tx. it was hard to hold back the tears for a prayer village for the families of those who were killed at a veterans' parade thursday keeping >> it could have changed the outcome. it is hard to deal with. >> hard to deal with the fact that practically nothing could be done thursday to halt the four people on the float carrying these veterans to the parade. investigators are trying to figure out why the float was on the tracks. >> a trailer got hit by a train!
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>> the train was flashing its lights as it approached. the people on the float, mostly iraqi war vets and their wives tried to jump off. he watched as this a better and pushed his wife off to savor. >> it is hard because we want to honor him, and they are heroes. >> 3 of the four killed were purple heart recipients. live in the satellite center, abc7 news. >> that is a heartbreaker. now, travel beds are being recalled after a child's death. it is the pea pod travel crib.
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children can easily become trapped between the mattress and the floor of that tend. parents are being told to stop using the tents immediately and contact kid co. for a repair kit. >> the department of health and mental hygiene a lot of active next june baby bumpers, saying they pose no benefits, but to pose the risk of suffocation. >> fish can be good for your help, but fish from the anacostia river -- different situation. they can be harmful. >> that does not keep many locals from fishing in the river and eating their catch. sam joins us to explain why. >> yes, authors of a new study interviewed over 100 people and found that anglers on the anacostia river do not know how
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dangerous the fish are. more than 40% of them had not heardish were contaminated, and those who had heard do not believe it. joke just got another one and other catfish that he says -- joe just got another one another captors that he says he will not eat. >> they look all right. >> the anglers are busy on this river, even though environmentalists say the anacostia is an aquatics landfill of raw sewage and cancer-causing pcp's. >> personally, i would never recommend that. but they do not know how polluted the water here is. the more you see, more polluted water back in those countries. >> the fish put people at risk for cancer, liver disease, and
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impaired mental development in children. >> it is hard to make the connection between eating the fish and being sick. maybe you pump your own gas. maybe you are a smoker. >> but those who grew up along this river like angelo washington -- >> i have not gotten sick. >> if you catch a big one, you will cook it? but i sure will. >> do you think that is what people do? >> i do, because they take them home. i do not think they take them home to throw them away. >> studies show that many who are eating the fish are poor people. the environmentalists have talked about buying healthy fish and exchanging them with anglers willing to throw back the finished they have caught. abc7 news. >> i guess we have to wait and see if anyone does turn green.
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won virginia's school is doing what it can to help people affected by hurricane sandy. students collected items and to distribute it to students in rutherford, new jersey. they fill a truck with items like diapers and close. teachers will be helping to unload those donations. >> it is hard to imagine -- three weeks after? all month after? >> three weeks and four days. almost three weeks. quiet, a little chilly. we will take that. for the middle of november, this is great. >> and a game day. >> let's look at the southern sections of frederick county during the day. a little time last. we started out with a cloudy morning. beautiful weather. now take a look at what we have.
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sunset. it is getting dark in a hurry, but skies are clear. 50 degrees in beltsville. current readings across the area range from 42 about 50. 45 in leesburg. here is the map of 5:00 reports around the area. that shows temperatures -- 48 degrees and charlottesville right now. then you get north of town. is cooler in the mid-40's. 46 in gaithersburg and frederick. a few sprinkles and showers across lower at southern maryland. as they moved out, high pressure brings the dryer air in and in the process clear skies ourt. it is a beautiful afternoon. we expect readings near freezing, slightly below. we pretty much of a strong hold on the region tomorrow with
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high-pressure. a little northerly breeze. we will keep a below average temperature-wise in the 50's. this is the much-heralded storms we have been talking about since monday, developing around the carolina's. even though it will have no more effects on us through sunday and early monday, there is the possibility that tuesday a little moisture could come back at our way, maybe a few sprinkles or showers. generally, we are expecting dry weather for the next 67 days. especially tonight. clear and cold. sunny, cool, 52 tomorrow. partly cloudy. more cloud in the afternoon sunday. and then you see it a chance of a slight sprinkle or shower on tuesday. tuesday -- looks pretty darn good. temperatures in the upper 50's.
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on thanksgiving, possibly close to 60 degrees with sunshine. friday leon, partly cloudy when you are hitting the ball. >> you think? you think that will be me? >> it will be 40 degrees at midnight wednesday night. >> all right. >> tonight in prime time, "20/20," they look at the real dish. some things you do not want to know. >> i think it is an almost universally acknowledged back to the bread and butter circulate, shall we say? >> do not tell me that. that will be followed by abc7 news at eleven o'clock. >> you still lead time to sign up for our grocery giveaway. >> it is so is the. go to to enter the clue
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on the page. you will be entered for a $5,000 safeway card. >> hey, it is not just the holidays. anytime is a good time for $5,000. coming up, stephen colbert stops in d.c. for a big deal. >> and did you catch it? renascence and coasted with anderson cooper today. -- co-hosted with anderson
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>> is the end of the line for some of your favorite desserts. >> that is right. hostess is shutting down operations for good after employees went on strike. they have lost thousands of jobs. >> suzanne kennedy was talking to those buying the last of the hostess inventory. >> i may have two boxes in my car. i am not going to say. you may notice that the popular snack food is no longer in the grocery store. financial problems of played hostess lately. the strike is forcing the company to close. they are the snack cakes so many americans grew up on, but it seems their days are numbered.
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>> it is horrible. i mean, why? why? >> after more than 100 years in business, the texas-based company is closing, brought down, it says, by a strike that lasted just one week. >> we hope someone is able to purchase this company, work with our union members. >> more than 18,000 employees will lose their jobs, 33 bakeries will close and 573 i'll let stores will close including this one in waldorf -- an outlet stores will close, including this one in waldorf. >> it is not that they were good for you, but they were pretty good. >> he used to eat chocolate cupcakes. i do not know what i will put in his lunch box now.
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>> it is a trip down memory lane for some. >> i love the cupcakes. >> the cream at losing act, and i would just take all day long -- the cream oozing out and i would take all day to savor it. >> hostess says there is no viable buyer to rescue the company. abc7 news. >> the end of an era. sad. thank you. we will be going to the store later. still ahead -- the abc7 i-team takes this into all local gang of's newest trade. >> they have been waiting for hours for a service they say they cannot live without. we will explain, coming up. >> disturbing 911 tapes that could support a [ female announcer
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> not guilty. that was the verdict in the bowie state murder trial. >> and we are hearing at the 911 tapes from the night dominique frazier died. >> it is -- these are deeply disturbing 911 tapes. we do not know the voice is we are hearing. keep in mind that alexis simpson says she acted in self- defense. your one voice say "why did you do that?" you hear the other voice say "why did you jump me?"
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hysterical students are heard in the background. >> the state attorney's office released the 911 calls one day after the acquittal of 20-year- old alexis simpson. the two women had a rocky relationship that got into a heated argument before the stabbing. simpson bill for defense on the premise that she grabbed a knife to protect yourself. simpson said she swung the knife wildly, and not intending to strike frazier in the neck inflecting a fatal wound. the 911 calls were not played for the jury. the tapes offer little insight into what led up to the stabbing.
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>> the state's attorney's office also released at cell phone video that shows of frantic terrifying scene. is also very graphic, too graphic to eric. reporting live, abc7 news. >> a white house lawyer is being called hero tonight. on monday night david walker was in northwest d.c. when he heard a man screaming. is saw two suspects who attacked the man. he grabbed one of the suspects and held him down until neighbors called 911. >> four veterans were killed when a train that hit a parade float. at least 16 others were hurt in the incident. investigators are not sure how the accident happened, but the warning lights were working. >> david petraeus says that
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classified intelligence showed that the attack on the consulate in benghazi was a terrorist attack. petraeus says that the information was not released for fear that the knowledge would alert terror groups that the u.s. was on their tail. >> tonight in fairfax county -- long lines showed there was a great need for affordable dental care. >> ready? >> on any given day he probably comes to work with a big list of objectives. >> by down halfway. >> today, there's just one. >> just get people out of pain. is amazing how many people we have seen today that are in pain. >> but it was the economic pain that led him to take action. for one day he decided to open up his office in alexandria to
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anyone not -- to anyone in need for free dental care. >> i think it is a blessing to the community. >> james lewis is waiting to see the dr.. dental insurance is a luxury he cannot afford. >> i am working, but it is still rough. >> by 6:00 a.m., the line was around the corner, people waiting three or four hours to get dental care. they say without a doubt it is worth that. >> thank you. >> no matter the language, no matter the divisions -- >> i got a checkup. >> i got a cleaning and the filling. >> no patient was turned away. >> they are coming in with pain and walking out happy. >> and these people actually enjoyed their trip to the dentist. >> that was not so bad, was it? >> abc7 news.
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>> comedienne stephen colbert was in -- comedian stephen colbert was in d.c. to unveil his wax figure at madam to south -- tussaud. >> it is a fine. if someone would like to other photograph taken with of fake version of me, that means i should be able to charge to take pictures with the real version of me. if my show goes away, i think i have a backup plan now. >> it does not have to worry. his show is not going anywhere for a long time. >> he looks good in wax. >> let's take a picture of the road this evening. chris anderson has the details. >> heavy delays due to an accident on the outer loop. just cleared, actually.
5:36 pm
the inner loop of the beltway -- delays coming out of virginia. that will continue up to the 270 aslope. a little bit of a back up. then it stretches throughout prince george's county. virginia, 95, as you head west, that well continue across 123. also, stafford county into springfield. a couple of accidents. also -- back to you. >> thank you. have a good weekend. coming up, it could bring more business to an area that struggles during the winter. >> we just got finished taping anderson live. i will show you behind the scenes, coming up. >> and you could be paying more for gas. we will tell
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>> you are used to seeing cynne when you wake up with her on "good morning washington." today, people got to see her on
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anderson cooper's show. >> she takes us behind the scenes of her big day there. >> it was excitement from the moment i arrived. i have got this sweet spread. you come this way -- you will see my vanity. >> software and facebook. >> meeting with producers to talk about today's guests, then hair makeup, and a quick opportunity to meet the obvious -- audience. >> whoo! ♪ >> a quick chat with anderson. 0, my goodness. here to party. and it is showtime. [cheers and applause]
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>> with producers and studios that keeping everyone on their toes, the our plume by. >> i did a little shopping at the dollar store. i saw things that were screaming anderson. i thought this would be perfect for the holidays. it plays a little music. ♪ >> wow. >> isn't that great? it goes with your eyes. >> yes wow. >> time to take photos. >> on your show you have a different co-host every day? is that difficult? >> not when you have someone as experienced and talented and beautiful as year. >> o really. thank you. it is time to head home. my job is complete. abc7 news. >> cynee! >> she survived the dancing.
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>> she has moves. >> she did do a great job. >> she did a great job keeping she will have to go to the chiropractor when she gets back. a car crash caught on camera, but it is what that followed that is truly amazing.
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>> only on seven now, northern virginia is home to some of the largest and violent street gangs in the country. now they are moving away from the drug trade and moving to a of work. >> the sex trade. they are recruiting girls of all ages and punishing them with violence if they escape. we take a look at this alarming trend. >> it happened to me. >> from the suburbs to the streets. as 16 to get -- a 16-year-old teenager we are calling susan was brought into a northern virginia gang. >> i struggled around men.
5:46 pm
>> she was controlled by the constant threat of violence. >> he was aggressive. >> it is an alarming trend that has even taken police by surprise. >> it is very prominent. much more so than we originally thought. >> the fbi says that the gangs are targeting vulnerable young girls in public and on social media sites. they sent 1000 messages from a bogus facebook account trying to lure girls in. >> they come in through the wire and they can visit you come up on seen by us. >> we spoke by phone from federal prison to one of the accomplices. they told us that they try to build trust with new victims. >>
5:47 pm
>> it even happens in schools. in these court documents, one victim said another girl in school recruited her, telling her she was a confident, pretty woman who could make lots of money. >> is a parent's worst nightmare. >> for these traffickers, it is a low-cost high profit enterprise. >> gang members literally taking girls as young as 12, 14, going to construction sites, places where they believe there is a paying customer base. >> these convicted ms-13 members were found guilty of trafficking near a church. >> we do not have any control over who is in the room and what they are doing. >> the victims can be tough to spot. >> they look just like girls who
5:48 pm
got out of school. >> it could happen right next to you and you would not know it. >> susan's parents do not know anything about it. >> they do not come from that life. they do not know what. >> susan is peace in her own life together. >> i am still trying to struggle with am and what i have done. >> the gang members have been locked up, but with an estimated 5000 gang members in our area, investigators say that is the tip of the icebergs. >> thank you, pamela. a horrific crash involving a toddler -- but this story does have a happy ending. and that is thanks to one man who rents -- risked his own life to save another. he heard something that sounded like two trains colliding. it was this ford explorer
5:49 pm
getting sandwiched between two cars. he went out to help. >> i found the baby dangling from her car seat in the middle. she was trapped. there was a very strong smell of gasoline. >> amazingly, when you look of this video -- i know it is hard to believe -- everyone involved in this accident walked away with cuts and bruises. >> wow. >> i am telling you. let's see of the folks at 6:00 can top of that tonight. >> gordon peterson is in our newsroom. hey, gordon. >> there was a discussion about avoiding the fiscal cliff today. and the head of the cia was talking about what he knew about the deadly attacks in libya. coming up at 6:00, reaction to what he had to say about the attacks in benghazi and what
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republicans are saying about the other big story, the so-called fiscal cliff. >> we will see you in just a bit. do not forget to download our app. >> you can wake up with leon. the alarm clock app. you can wait up to zero voices from abc7, and that includes leon's. the app is free. you can pick which anger you want to hear in the morning. >> there are a lot of voices you can hear in the morning. don't throw the phone at the wall. >> let's check the forecast. >> i will wake you up the way i wake up my 16-year-old twins. very loud. we are looking at a few clouds on the carolina coast. upper 40's into the 30's.
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41 degrees in winchester. 43 degrees in gaithersburg. 53 degrees and fredricksburg. the story is an overnight drop in temperatures. we will have a light winds. early tomorrow morning 10:00 this is news channel 8, the annual thanksgiving day parade. look who is hosting. brian van de graaff. and 54. lots of sunshine. clouds today on sunday. next chance for rain will be tuesday, just a slight chance of showers. the big travel day on wednesday looks great. that is the latest. leon -- back to you. >> we need the snow to hold off so soccer fans can come out. >> d.c. united.
5:52 pm
>> they are almost sold out of tickets. you should go online for a big playoff match. d.c. united has dug itself into a hole against houston. rosario looks poised to return to the lineup. but d.c. united has a hidden gem that is not so hidden anymore. >> i want to stay humble, stay grounded. >> all of a sudden, he is the go to guy, and it at just the right time. >> i do not care if i am scoring, as long as we are winning. >> days to united had two goals in the last two -- d.c. united had two goals in the last two matches, including the clincher in new york. >> after i scored, i kind of
5:53 pm
black out for a little bit. emotions just running through my body. and felt amazing. >> deleon is just 22. >> he has had a heck of a year. it is fun to watch him. he has obvious ability. >> 14 years ago come d.c. united -- 14 years ago d.c. united hatter rookie of the year, who is now the head coach. >> i don't remember. >> you should not. he is more talented than i am. i was just scrappy. >> he was talented too.
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>> an
5:57 pm
ice rink opened up in d.c. today. people are hoping that the attraction will attract business to the area. >> kimberly? >> the d.c. government invested $17 million into this $20 million project. that includes not only the ice rink but the movie screen and the park behind it. will this be enough to return all the revenue? opening day for the canal part and ice rink. the crowd was 700 strong. >> it is good for the neighborhood. i am really excited. >> i spun out. >> we do not have a commercial area, so i am really excited about a skating rink. >> one of the first to open a franchise six years ago.
5:58 pm
his friends know him. >> i had a vision. i knew it was going to change. >> the economic spin should be -- spinoff should be significant. >> they are finally discovering this is one of our anchors right here. >> they are counting on creating a new destination. >> this is the fire are. >> the renovation cost $22.5 million. yes, that is mayor gray drug -- driving the ice machine. it could be very good for the whole neighborhood. local developers expect about 35,000 skaters the first year. by year three that number doubles.
5:59 pm
60,000 skaters should be coming down here. especially in winter time, the county needs that economic boost. >> thank you. cannot wait to see what that looks like around christmastime. stay right there. abc7 news at 6:00 start right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> alive and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> the cia fell in battle former director testifies about the attack in libya. >> petraeus testified behind closed doors tonight about the attack. questions about whether the white house knew that the


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